Recycling Plant in England go's up in Flames


It has been reported that a small paper lantern created a huge fire at the smethwick recycling plant located in Birmingham.

The chineese paper lantern was seen floating into the plant on the CCTV before starting a fire among plastic bales.

Residents near by the smoke have been advised to close their windows to prevent any breathing problems. Fire fighters have confirmed that the smoke has reached 6,000 feet and may affect people travelling from the Birmingham airport although officials have not anticipated any flight delays.

Thankfully no members of the public have been injured but 10 fire fighter have been and are recieving treatment and fortuantly no one's condition is fatal.

The National Recycling Awards

The national Recycling awards took place recently in london and the top awards went to the waste management and recycling business. Jane Stephenson walked away with the lifetime achievment.

Here are the awards in full :

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